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Sidr in Sunderban…Please Extend Your Hand and Help…. Update.1:

Posted by sirajul on November 21, 2007

Sidr in Sunderban

Update: 1 (20-Nov-07) 

I am gladly informing all that we got fantastic response from friends, collogues and all our families. Already we are expecting to start with at least Tk. 2,00,000 cash, 45 boxes of biscuits and dry food, a lot of cloths etc. in these three days! Many of our friends from the foreign countries wanted to send money. We are in process of opening a special account which can receive those funds if it does not seem too complicated with the bank. If we succeed I will inform the bank details soon. Our target areas will be the fishermen populated islands in Sunderban coasts and those peripheral villages which was hit severely. In those places there is no strong local government structure because many of those are forest department’s territory. Absence of local govt. means there is no strong distribution management and not much effort and lobbying to get relief. Much less information is coming out from those places too. We are seeing the relief effort in three phases: 

  1. Immediate supply of regular food grains (rice, dal etc.), Drinking water, cloths to save life.
  2. Shelter building support, Medical and treatment and restoring communications.
  3. Loan and support for cultivation, business and other livelihood restoration assistance. 

We will limit our activity in the phase one for the moment but we will make at least two trips. Thanks to all to be with us in these crucial time. This is such a time that 10 taka can carry a life a day more, a dollar a week and a pack of cigarette or a can of beer a month more. I greatly appreciate the gesture of those who extended their hands and equally to those who expressed their sympathy and good will. 

We strongly believe, at this moment that a horizontal effort from individuals is very essential in parallel to the government and organized relief activity. Individual efforts can be fast, bigger in numbers and widely distributed in many places. There are many pockets which are out of reach of governments hand where many people may die out of hunger. It will also take some time to reach the organizational help in many places remote.

From now I will post updates in this blog whenever possible, thanks to everybody.


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